A library charges a fine for every book returned late. For first five days the fine is 50 paise, for 6 to 10 days fine is one rupee, and above 10 days fine is five rupees. If you return the book after 30 days your membership will be cancelled. Write a program to accept the number of days the member is late to return the book and display the fine or the appropriate message.

Posted: September 23, 2012 in CSE Sem1, ECE Sem1, Lab 11A, Lab 11A
int main()
	int days;
		printf("Fine is 50 paise");
else	if(days>5&&days<=10)
printf("Fine is 1 rupee");
	else if(days>10&&days<=30)
		printf("Fine is 5 rupee");
else	if(days>30)
		printf("Membership cancelled");
	return 0;

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