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Question 1.

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Lab 5, Uncategorized
class DB;
class DM{
float m;
public :
DM (){}
DM(float met)
void show()
cout<<"\n METERS="<<m;
DM::DM(DB m1);
friend DM operator+(DM b1,DM b2);
class DB{
float f,i;
public :
DB(float ft,float in)
DB(DM b1);
friend DM::DM(DB m1);

DM::DM(DB m1)

DM operator+(DM b1,DM b2)
float a=b1.m+b2.m;
return (a);

 DM d1(3),d3(5),d;
 DB d2(2,1),d4(4,2);

zbigz is a web based torrent client which allows you to download torrents without any software.(If you dont know how to use Zbigz then click here.) But since past few days it is showing an error message everytime you upload torrent that Service is not available in your region.

To get rid of this restriction you can use a software Ultrasurf.
You can download it here- Ultrasurf.
Just run this exe and then try to queue you torrent again in zbigz.. it should work now…

Ever tried to download your favorite movie, tv series, games, n stuffs in your college using torrents and got an “Access Denied” message from IT department?

Then you should try this.

Here is an easy way to bypass your college n workplace firewall ..

Just follow these simple steps—

1- Visit and signup in order to start.

2-After that go to any of the torrent site like kickasstorrents, thepiratebay etc… and search for anything you want to download.. while selecting a torrent file always take care of the no. of seeds and peers.. larger the seeds, less will be the time taken by zibgz to make the file available for you.

3- Once you selected the torrent.. just copy the download link url of torrent selcted or download the torrent file in your system.

4-Now paste the link copied earlier or upload the downloaded file in zibgz.

5-After uploading the torrent file the server will take a while to make your File ready for downloading. After a while there will a Green Color download button in the right hand side of the page.

6- Then Click on the Button to start your Download before that it will ask another question and click on “Free” so that you can download it for free.

Everything went fine so far.. but what if u dont have access to torrent sites??

From where will you get .torrent files n links??

Dont worry when codeAddicts are here… just post the name of movie, game or anything you want to download in our Facebook wall

and we will provide you the link needed in step 4 after that just follow step 5 and 6.. (link will be provided within 24 hrs)..

Hello world!

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello guys… this is the very first post of cod3addicts….. check out our about section to know more about us… 🙂