Q-How to copy a program in your clipboard easily?

A-You can easily copy any of the program in your clipboard by just clicking on the top-right icon “copy to clipboard”.

Q-What if i have a programming related query?

A-If you query is related to any of the program posted in our blog, feel free to post a comment in the program page.

And if you have some doubt not related to programs in our blog then please post them in our official facebook page.

Q-How can i suggest or demand for  a new feature in cod3addicts??

A-You can use our Facebook page to contact us. You will get a reply from us as soon as possible.

Q-What is this category starting from LAB means?

A-This category is mainly(not only for them) for Jaypee University Of Engineering and Technology, Guna 1st yr students.

Q-What if program gives an error?

A-All the programs posted in our blog are running perfectly in our compiler and the problem you are facing may be compiler related.
The compiler we use is Pelles C (64-bit).

But feel free to discuss it with us.


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